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PopPD Class Quality Guidelines

Last Updated May 2022

While we are an open platform, we also want PopPD to remain a trusted place for educators to receive quality professional training. For this reason, PD published on the platform are moderated regularly for education quality, appropriate subject matter, length, and applicability. As such, all classes on PopPD must meet the following criteria:

Focused on Permitted Topics

PopPD classes cover a wide range of professional development topics, responding to the real-time needs of classrooms around the world. But the following PD topics are not permitted on PopPD: 

  • Business or marketing strategies
  • Teaching on other educational platforms
  • Medical content or that are related to the medical field (e.g., holistic medicine, dieting, nutrition, weight management) 
  • Standardized testing
    • NOTE: General mentions of testing are fine, but we ask that you refrain from coaching on any specific test or testing strategy. We ask coaches to avoid PD focusing on how to prepare for or navigate a particular test or testing scenario given the restrictions on tests and variability across the country with how tests are conducted and regulated.
  • Personal viewpoints or perspectives regarding religion, spirituality, politics
    • NOTE: PD that supports educators in teaching on these topics or related subtopics in an unbiased manner is fine. We ask coaches to refrain from focusing on their personal beliefs and instead emphasize strategies to engage students in such challenging topics that remain inclusive and sensitive to diverse and underrepresented groups.

Start Small

We require all of our Coaches to create a 60-minute “class” format as their first PD. It allows you to test and validate your idea, and it allows our audience to engage in a quick and actionable experience with you as their Coach. Classes should include a combination of short instructional videos and supplementary materials like PDFs, Google Docs, etc. to be used as working materials for participants.

PD should be a minimum of 40 minutes of total video content per PD and a minimum of 60 minutes of total instructional and practice time per PD For example, the PD should have at least 40 minutes of videos and 20 minutes of creation, writing, or other types of participant work. 

Provide Value & Engagement

PopPD Coaches should offer unique and experience-based PD for their participants. Therefore, your PD should not simply contain a walkthrough, review, or demo of a specific website without adding additional insight or strategy. All PD must include a sources section citing any research or external sources consulted during design.

We encourage Coaches to break up presentation methods and visuals to keep learners engaged. For example, PD should not showcase one slide for the entire lesson. Information should be presented in a variety of ways, such as charts, diagrams, images, and examples to help explain and demonstrate complex ideas. You are welcome to use your own style/colors for any and all presentations; PopPD-specific branding or colors are not required.

We believe the best PDs are actionable. We ask all our Coaches to center their PD around action-based instructional strategies rather than simply information delivery. This engagement could be in the form of a tool you provide, a challenge task, or a hands-on activity for teachers to try after taking your PD. 

Stay Organized & Intentional

We encourage our Coaches to organize their content in an interesting, engaging way- just as they would do for an in-person PD. At a minimum, all courses must have clear titles for lessons, videos around 10 minutes in length (max), and a structured, organized flow for each lesson. This includes a clear title that reflects the content of that lesson and a clear purpose for every video.

Once your application to become a PopPD coach has been submitted and approved, we will reach out with additional training on our POPPD framework to help you develop your training. This quality assurance framework includes expectations for:

  • A clear structure, including dedicated introduction video, core content videos, and concluding video.
  • A professional practice goal that highlights how the participant will implement your PD.
  • A tangible product or tool that teachers can utilize during and/or after experiencing your PD.

Meet Standards for Production Quality

We will provide resources to help you record your PD and meet accessibility needs to ensure your participants can enjoy your work. We don’t require  professional audio and video production, but do require that your materials meet the following basic requirements: 

  • Audio – All audio must be clear and easy to understand. It must be free from fuzziness, hums, echoes, or background noise. It should sync with your video footage.
  • Video – All  videos must be shot with a steady camera in high resolution (1080p) with clear lighting and framing. Screencasts and images must be sharp, not blurry or pixelated (unless specific content has been blurred for privacy reasons). Direct-to-camera videos should feature a professional-looking background free of distractions and any graphic slides should be structured, easy to read, and visually appealing.

Limit Self-Promotion

We encourage our PopPD Coaches to engage with their audience and use their Coaches’ profile to invite participants to visit their website and social media channels. However, we do not allow self-promotion (ie: linking to free or paid offers on external sites, etc.) during a PD or elsewhere on our site. 

Coaches should keep the discussion of their Coaches’ profile and brand to the introduction and conclusion videos, so as not to distract from the value of the offering. We want to respect the participant’s investment in the PD and deliver them a learning-focused experience where they can focus on their professional growth. 

As a paid offer, your PD should include appropriate products or resources as part of your instruction. If you’re interested in offering additional products, we recommend adding additional workshops to showcase all that you have to offer! 

Moderation Process

PopPD maintains a regular moderation practice to ensure adherence to our Quality Guidelines, Community Guidelines, and Coach Policies. We reserve the right to remove any content in part or whole that is posted to the platform that we deem to be against these stated intentions or conflicts with our mission in any way.

If you have any questions about our quality guidelines or moderation process please email our Coach Support team at and we’ll get back to you as soon as we are able.


Our team of moderators conducts regular, randomized audits of every PD that is submitted to our site. If we find any violations in your PD upon audit, you’ll receive an email from our Coach Support Team and your PD will be placed on hold, which means participants will no longer be able to purchase or access it. In most cases, you will have the opportunity to make updates to your PD in order to align with our guidelines. If you choose to make updates, our team will re-review any changes to your PD and, if approved, reopen your listing to students, if approved. PD that is not reopened may be permanently deleted from the platform after 90 days, whether or not you choose to update your materials.

Please note that our moderation team may make minor changes to PD content if we come across errors during the audit process (eg. formatting, grammatical or spelling errors, etc.). We will always notify you directly of any such changes.


Participants have the ability to report concerns regarding the quality of your PD. Upon receipt of such reports, our team of moderators will move the PD in question to the top of our auditing queue and examine all relevant flagged material in the manner outlined above. Our review may also include PD you may offer beyond the flagged content. Whether or not a violation is found, all parties will be notified of the final status of the review.


We maintain a three-strike policy for violations of any kind to our guidelines. After three strikes, coaches are subject to their accounts being closed based on our assessment. Violations are recorded internally and reviewed any time a coach accumulates 3 strikes. Our team of moderators take into account the coach’s history of use, nature of violations, and timeline in which the strikes occurred upon review. We reserve the right to close a coach’s account based on our discretion during this review. If your PD and/or account is removed due to violations it will not be accessible to participants and you will no longer be eligible to receive payments or benefits from it. Coaches who have had content or their coaching privileges removed may still use their accounts as a participant and purchase the offers of other coaches so long as they follow all Community Guidelines and other Terms & Conditions.

For cases of impersonation, illegal, or fraudulent activity, coaches may have all of their content or entire account removed without any strikes being issued. Additional information can be found through our Terms & Conditions.