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PopPD Playlist: Creative Classrooms

Whether you teach art, STEAM, or are a classroom teacher interested in integrating the arts into your curriculum, we have a class for you! We have lots of creative minds here to help you bring creativity into your classroom in a way that works for you. Here’s a playlist of PopPD classes that will help you and your students bring art into your days.

Art Curriculum Audit

A *FREE* 10-minute #snacksizedPD by art teacher, Jess Karr.

Who’s it for? Art teachers with an overwhelming art curriculum who want to add new ideas, but aren’t sure how (or when!) they’ll fit in.

What will I learn? The 10 Minute Art Curriculum Audit is a practical approach to examining the scope of content you deliver to your students. After working through 5 simple steps, you’ll have a clear view of what stays and what goes, leaving room for new ideas that better serve your students.

What will I be able to implement in my classroom right away? Participants will assess and update their art curriculum in 5 steps –  List, Sort, Decide, Find Gaps, Fill Gaps.

What’s included?

  • 12-minute video training
  • Planning pages

Centers in the Art Room

A workshop by art teacher, Jess Karr.

Who’s it for? Elementary art teachers who love the idea of using centers in the art room but are unclear about where to start.

What will I learn? Make this the year you diversify your instruction through centers in your art room.  You don’t have to uproot your entire teaching philosophy- use your existing lessons and learn how to balance centers alongside teacher-directed instruction in a way that works for you and your students.

What will I be able to implement in my classroom right away? Elementary art teachers will explore, design, and implement learning centers in the art room to increase student choice and engagement while decreasing overwhelm.

What’s included?

  • Video Lessons (60 minutes)
  • Workbook
  • Sample lessons
  • Lesson plan template
  • Materials and ideas list
  • Professional Development Certificate

Simple Bookmaking in the Classroom

A workshop by book artist and illustrator, Stephanie Krause.

Who’s it for? Anyone working with kids ages 7+ (No art experience needed, and works with any content area!) Would be perfect for an after-school class as well!

What will I learn? In this class, you’ll learn how to teach your students to create low-mess, easy yet exciting blank books from a single sheet of paper – giving each student a multi-page canvas brimming with with possibilities for any content area.

What will I be able to implement in my classroom right away? Immediately implement simple bookmaking projects into your classroom, using this new tool to facilitate student expression and inspire creativity within the framework of their own curriculum.

What’s included?

-10 videos with step-by-step visual tutorials for helping your students create

-A printable, foldable mini-book instructional handout

Classroom Management for Creative Classrooms

A course by educator and artist, Amanda Koonlaba.

Who’s it for? Anyone looking for innovative ways to engage students through arts in the classroom.

What will I learn? Learn how to use routines, pacing, and lessons that model an optimal classroom environment. Discover new ways to build positive relationships with students through expected behaviors and interventions.

What will I be able to implement in my classroom right away?

  • Discover how to pace the yearly curriculum and classroom lessons to use arts integration in order to meet the needs of all learners.
  • Design a plan for the use of group, individual student, and teacher workspaces, including the use of transitional spaces in the classroom as a means for teaching students to use materials properly.
  • Develop a set of procedural methods for building positive relationships with students which reinforce positive behaviors, and include methods for interventions when necessary. These will support the use of arts-integrated instruction in the classroom.
  • Select strategies for teaching arts-integrated lessons for whole classes and small groups, as well as for leading students in independent arts-integrated learning.

What’s included?

  • The Classroom Management for Creative Classrooms Video Lessons –over 3.5 hours
  • 4 modules, 3 lessons in each module with over 20 downloadable handouts
  • Brain Breaks eBook


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