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Best Websites for Creating a Wish List for Your Classroom

Are you a teacher looking to get some much-needed resources for your classroom without breaking the bank? Look no further! Creating a wish list for the classroom is a great way to get the resources you need.

But with so many websites to choose from, it can be tough to know where to start. That’s why we’ve put together this list of the best wish list platforms for the classroom.

Top 4 Wish List Platforms for Teachers

Amazon. One of the most well-known websites for creating a wish list is… Amazon! Creating an Amazon wish list makes it easy to gather a list of everything you need in one place and share it with friends, family, and anyone else who wants to help out.

Here’s a post we created to help you figure out how to create and share your Amazon wish list for the classroom, step-by-step with screenshots!

When you create an Amazon wish list for your classroom, you’ll want to focus on sharing the link with your network of parents, the Home-School Association, and your family and friends. You can also share on social media using hashtag #clearthelist to reach a broad network of supporters globally! This website is specifically designed for teachers, and it allows you to create a wish list of resources and projects for your classroom. You can then share your list with the community and potential donors, who can choose to contribute to your cause. Each list is centered around a project.

Be prepared to spend some time sharing about your classroom and the project you’re looking to fund. Filling this out takes a bit of extra effort, but you get tons of great perks from being part of the Donor’s Choose network.

If you’re a first-time Donor’s Choose user, the organization will match your donation on your first project! This is a great way to get some momentum toward completing your project.

When your list has been filled, some donors to your classroom wish list may opt to receive a thank-you package from your class with updates. We love this fun way to round out your project with a big “thank you” to those who contributed! This website is another great option for teachers looking to get flexible funding for their wish list for the classroom. According to the website, when approved, you have up to one year to use your funds at any of the approved vendors by shopping through the platform. You can order multiple times throughout the year depending on your needs. You know we had to shout out our own site! We’re working on ways to help you create a wish list of professional development classes you’d like to take. In the meantime, you can request funding for a PD or even for a gift card from a school leader using a letter like this one:

Dear [School or Curriculum Leader],

I am writing to request that the school purchase or reimburse me for an online continuing education class that I am interested in taking. The class, [Name of Class], is offered by [Institution] and covers [Brief Description of Class Content].

I believe that this class will provide valuable professional development for me as a [Your Job Title] at [Your School]. The class will help me to [How the Class Will Benefit You and Your School]. In addition, the class is aligned with the [State/District] standards for [Subject Area].

The cost of the class is [Dollar Amount], and I would greatly appreciate it if the school could either purchase the class for me or reimburse me for the cost.

Thank you for considering my request. I am looking forward to taking this class and incorporating what I learn into my work at [Your School].


[Your Name]

If you don’t have a specific class in mind yet, but you would like to request your school leader buy a gift card you can use on PopPD, try this template:

Dear [School Administrator],

I am writing to request that our school consider purchasing a subscription to PopPD. This website offers a wide range of professional development courses that are relevant, engaging, and taught by fellow classroom teachers.

As a teacher, I am constantly looking for opportunities to grow and improve my skills in the classroom. PopPD offers a variety of courses on topics that I am excited about, such as [Class Topics]. In addition, the website allows me to use my credits toward classes that are relevant to my needs and interests, which is a great benefit.

I believe that investing in professional development credits on PopPD would be a valuable investment for our school. It would provide teachers with access to high-quality professional development opportunities that are flexible and customizable.

I hope that you will consider my request and that our school will be able to take advantage of the benefits offered by PopPD.


[Your Name]

Don’t forget, we also have a collection of free professional development classes on a variety of topics to get you started.

No matter which website you choose to create a wish list for the classroom, wish lists are a great way to get the resources you need for your classroom from a network of supporters. So go ahead, pick a website, and start your classroom wish list!

Let us know in the comments below what’s on your wish list, and share your link with us using this form. We love to push teacher wish lists out to our network to help you get the resources and support you need. We’re in this together!