4 Easy Steps to Powerful Reading Lessons

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Class Description

This training covers reading lesson ideas and instructional techniques to lead powerful literacy lessons in your elementary classroom. I explain ways to structure your reading lessons for the most meaningful results and specific ideas you can implement immediately with your class. All of these ideas can be altered to fit your class needs and personality. Let’s make reading the BEST time of the day!

The 4 Steps

  • Choosing books specific to your students
  • Using reading centers to engage and empower
  • Model & encourage ways to talk about text
  • Discuss social emotional vocabulary with every text

Professional Practice Goal

Elementary teachers will cultivate impactful lessons that inspire readers with these 4 easy steps. 

What’s Included

  • 10 minute training explaining each of the 4 steps with examples
  • PDF download outlining all of the information given
  • 4 vocabulary activities

Coach Expertise

Hi, I’m Becky!  I am so passionate about transforming reading instruction into an energizing inspiring experience for little hearts and little minds. I love creating meaningful lessons to promote engagement mixed with simple effective systems to save teachers time and energy. I also believe that social emotional learning should be infused in all academic teaching. I hope that these 4 steps help you to empower the readers in your classroom!

Want More?

I have a course on planning and implementing reading centers that maximizes student learning and minimizes your time spent prepping! Check out Enchanted Reading Centers here!

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