Balance Before Burnout: Audit Your Work-Life Balance in Less than 10 Minutes

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Balance Before Burnout: Audit Your Work-Life Balance

Class Description:

Are you an educator who is struggling to find work-life balance?  Do you want to find that balance so that you can enjoy your career long-term and live a life outside of your profession? The 10 Minute Work-Life Balance Audit is a practical approach to examining energizing and energy draining teacher tasks. After working through 3 simple steps, you’ll have a clear view of what stays and what goes, leaving room for living your authentic life and setting boundaries that serve you and your students, while combatting teacher burnout.

What’s Included:

  • Free 10 Minute Work-Life Balance Audit Training
  • 11 page Audit Workbook

Professional Practice Goal

New and veteran educators will leave this quick 10 minute PD with with an understanding of what work-life balance is and method to audit their work-life balance periodically, in order to create an authentic plan to recover from or avoid teacher burnout.

Coach Expertise:

Brittany Blackwell, M.Ed. is a certified mentor teacher, special educator, podcaster, and teacher resilience & retention strategist who inspires teachers to make self-care and mental health a priority using sustainable strategies, evidence-based interventions, and digital resources to reduce overwhelm, reignite passion, and improve overall teacher satisfaction and resilience.

Brittany is an award-winning special educator and teacher resilience strategist from South Carolina with over ten years of experience working with elementary and middle school classrooms. Brittany is no stranger to teacher burnout and has a passion for empowering teachers, parents, and students to prioritize self-care and mental health. Brittany’s digital approach to self-care through digital planning, vision boards, and strategies has reached the homes of thousands of educators across the world. Also known as “MsPrincessTeach” on Tiktok, Brittany’s social media following grew through her fast-paced, lighthearted tutorials and humorous real life experiences. Brittany helps teachers create their own Individualized Self-Care Plan by providing sustainable strategies, handcrafted products, and digital resources to reduce stress, automate the mundane tasks of teaching, and prevent overall teacher burnout. Her approach gives support so that educators can maximize fulfillment and effectiveness in their personal and professional lives.

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*This training is for individual use only and may not be reproduced. Please see Terms of Use outlined in the training workbook.

  1. cary.peppermartens October 30, 2022 at 5:07 pm

    This was a great 10 mins spent to think about what pumps me up and what sucks my energy. The circle visual coupled with noting times was very powerful. Thank you!

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