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Enchanted Reading Centers is for teachers who want to facilitate effective reading instruction for their students but struggle to juggle differentiating, promoting independently, meeting all learning styles, or just feel like you are constantly planning and prepping. This course will unlock my method for designing and personalizing reading centers specific to your students’ learning needs and your teaching style. The customizable systems are the perfect way to stop agonizing over planning reading activities and start differentiating for all of your learners’ needs on autopilot.

Imagine a world where..

  • you can cover all literacy skills
  • scaffold for students’ specific levels
  • save yourself time

Think you can’t do all of this without being overwhelmed and stressed? YOU CAN!

Professional Practice Goal

Elementary teachers will save time and energy planning literacy activities while inspiring students’ love of reading and accelerating development of skills by implementing engaging reading centers with sustainable management systems.

It is time to ENJOY implementing individualized instruction while your students engage in self directed learning rather than STRESSING over creating tons of new ideas each week.

A Peek Inside:

Inside Enchanted Reading Centers, you’ll engage with a series of easy to follow, interactive lessons. You’ll be taught strategies, methods, and given the framework to design reading centers that are perfect for your classroom.

My step by step guide teaches you my easy to follow, comprehensive, sustainable reading center structure and how to facilitate meaningful literacy activities that minimize prep and maximize learning.

To help you get started with your journey, you’ll get access to:

  • Center Activities by Structure Idea List 
  • Designing Station Routines Guide 
  • Plug & Play Done For You Center Schedule Templates 
  • Interactive workbook for planning and reflection
  • Examples of schedules and specific activities used in my classroom

Coach Expertise

Hi, I’m Becky! I am a creative, organization loving teacher who loves to integrate outside of the box ideas with easy to implement systems. Over my years of teaching multiple elementary grades, I tried many reading instructional methods. I found that READING CENTERS was the only way that I could successfully meet the wide spectrum of student needs in my classes. I was completely overwhelmed at having to create and manage multiple groups doing differentiated activities all at once. So I buckled down to figure out a better way. I was determined to go above and beyond to deliver specialized instruction to my students without it taking over all of my time and energy. After sharing my system of success with several coworkers and seeing the huge transformation it had on their classrooms, I want to share it with the world!

So, are you ready to run reading centers in a way engages students’ learning styles AND meets their individual needs?

Do you want it to be something that gives YOU the flexibility to deliver specialized differentiated instruction to students?

Let’s do it!

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    Becky Lubenetski

    Becky is extremely passionate about bringing learning to life for students! She loves creating meaningful lessons to promote engagement mixed with simple effective systems to save teachers time and energy. Becky has a degree in Elementary Education K-6 and her masters in School Counseling K-12. She has experience teaching a variety of grade levels, student abilities, and in many states around the country. Becky believes that social emotional learning should be infused in all academic teaching. Each lesson and activity should be created and delivered to students intentionally with SEL development in mind. She strives to inspire a love of learning in little minds and little hearts. You can learn about Becky's ideas and strategies in her PDs!

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