Engaging the Disengaged: Using Goal Setting to Increase Student Motivation

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Teachers, tutors and interventionists- are you frustrated with the lack of motivation and engagement in your classroom?  Have you tried it all and need something different?  Something proven to work at getting students motivated to achieve their goals?

Welcome to “Engaging the Disengaged: Increasing Motivation with Goal Setting and Incentives”!  This course is for you.

Your Instructor

Hello- I’m Teresa.  I’ve been working with adolescents, many at-risk- for over 20 years.  I know the struggle in getting students motivated, and how to connect the importance of setting and achieving goals to academic success.  I’ve spent hours and hours trying to find strategies and structures to help my students see how great it feels to accomplish their goals and increase their confidence and skills.


I spent six years creating a T2//T3 Middle School Math intervention class.  Many of my students hated math, and had given up on ever feeling successful in school!  I had to find a way, a consistent and structured system. Any system I used had to focus on academic growth, celebrate work ethic and provide personalized options to get my students motivated to set goals and grow their skills. I wanted a way to provide students with easy strategies and activities for setting goals and receiving timely positive feedback.

The strategies and tools I’m sharing with you in this course are straight from my classroom.  I used these exact structures and tools with my students. They work!  One of the most powerful tools and systems I used was having my students set consistent, personalized goals focused on academic work ethic and growth.  Connect that with desirable incentives, and students will work and grow their skills.  

Who is This Course Designed For?

This course is for any teacher, tutor or interventionist who wants to have a proven, efficient and effective system to help increase student motivation, engagement and growth.

What is Included?

With this course you will receive:

  • Downloadable workbook to keep your notes and ideas.  (Click on MORE DETAILS at the top of this page to access your workbook.)
  • Five detailed videos that will walk you through all the steps and tools to get you started immediately with goal setting in your classroom.
  • Real-world examples.
  • Editable templates so you can implement the strategies immediately.
  • Bonus!  Easy to use lesson plan to help you and your students create an incentive plan that will get your students excited and motivated!

Get Excited!

I can’t wait to share with you the tools and strategies for goal setting and incentives that I have used to help increase growth and confidence in my T2/T3 Middle School Math Tutoring classes.  These tools and strategies were an important part of my successful Middle School Math Intervention classes where students achieved a 65+% MGP (median growth percentile) in one year of instruction and data points.

See you inside the course!

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