How to Integrate Active Study Strategies

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Help your students learn how to study by integrating active study strategies into your daily lessons!

Course Description

This workshop is for middle school teachers who are frustrated that their students aren’t finding success with their content, and are looking for a simple, actionable plan to integrate study skills without sacrificing instruction time. Your students are at the age where they need to be studying, but they just don’t know how to. We need to equip students with the skills they need to find academic success, and teaching active study strategies is the perfect first step.


Professional Practice Goal

Middle school students will gain confidence in their ability to study and find more success with core content, as the teacher incorporates active study strategies into their daily routines, without taking away from instruction time.


Integrate Active Study Strategies

Course Outline

  • Getting Started
    • What are Study Skills
    • Application for Success
  • Daily Actions
    • Content Review
    • Power of Vocabulary
    • Presenting New Content
  • Active Study Strategies
    • What are Active Study Strategies
    • Active Study Strategies for Any Subject
  • Subject Specific Study Strategies
    • Mathematics
    • History
    • Science
  • Put it All Together
    • Daily Actions
    • Integrating Active Study Strategies
    • Planning which Strategies to Integrate

Integrate Study Strategies Materials



Coach Expertise

As a 6th grade middle school history teacher, I became known in my school as the teacher with high expectations and successful students.  The more I was approached about how I helped my students find success, the more I realized it had less to do with my history content, and more to do with the learning skills I was teaching within my lessons.  When I was asked by my district to develop a Study Skills Curriculum, I realized it was the integration of these skills within my content that truly helped students find success.

Resources Included with the Workshop

+ Daily Actions Checklist

+ Active Study Strategies Planner

+ Printer Friendly Strategy Cards for Students

+ Planning Chart

+ BONUS: Strategies for Teaching Vocabulary

Outside Resources Not Included

+ Google Account to access resources

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