How to Use Data to Drive Your Instruction

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Do you feel overwhelmed by graphs, charts, numbers and all types of data? Your administrators are constantly telling you to make data-informed decisions, but how can you do that without feeling overwhelmed? Join me for this free 10-minute training to learn 5 easy steps to help you analyze your data and plan your lessons.

Professional Practice Goal

Elementary teachers will learn 5 easy steps to help them make data-informed decisions that will guide their whole group lessons and small group instruction.

What’s Included?

  • 10-Minute Free Training Video

Coach Expertise

Hi! I’m Tara Dusko. I spent 14 years as a 3rd grade teacher. The first time I looked at a spreadsheet of all my students’ data, I just wanted to cry. I wasn’t sure how to use the information to help my students. Over the years, I learned what to focus on and how to use the data to plan my lessons. When I started making data-informed decisions, my students started making more progress.

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