Making Sense of Math: Word Problems

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Upper elementary teachers, do your students struggle with word problems like mine did? I am going to take a wild guess and say that they do. How do I know? Because so many teachers, and parents, have told me that they wish their students were better at word problem solving. You DON’T have to learn a WHOLE new way of teaching. In fact, I bet you already know these strategies, you just happen to be using them during another part of your teaching day. We will take those tried and true methods, along with brain science research to help you confidently teach word problems, and improve your students’ word problem accuracy in just three easy steps.

Professional Practice Goal

Upper Elementary Math teachers will learn a three part framework to increasing student confidence and accuracy in solving word problems.


Coach Expertise

Jenn is currently a third grade teacher. She has been in education for 11 years and has developed her approach to word problem solving after conducting action research for her master’s degree. She found that it wasn’t just struggling readers that inaccurately solved word problems, but the majority of students. That’s when she decided to focus on brain science and how students approach the problem solving context. She has used her strategies to improve the confidence and accuracy of students in her classroom the past six years. 

She wants all students to leave school with a positive math identity and mindset that comes from removing the stigmas surrounding math.

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