Parent Communication 101: For Teachers Who Are Scared to Call Home

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You know that communicating and working with parents leads to your students’ success. So why does it scare the crap out of most teachers to call home? Answer: we fear the unknown. You’re not sure what you’re going to say and you don’t know how a parent is going to respond.

In this mini-class, you’ll learn a basic script for calling home, how to adjust the script for your introduction call (before concerns arise), how to celebrate students, and tips for keeping ongoing communication simple. You’ll also get a digital parent communication log that can be used for multiple class periods. (I see you, my secondary-teacher friend.)

Professional Practice Goal

Teachers will leave this 10-minute PD with a basic phone script to use when calling home and the knowledge in how they can change it for different types of calls home.

What’s Included

  1. 10 Minute Free Training
  2. Google Sheets digital parent communication log


Meet Your Coach

Khristen Massic, M.Ed and M.S., is an educator, district curriculum specialist, former middle school assistant principal, and host of the On Your Prep Podcast. She has over 10 years of classroom teaching experience teaching high school pre-engineering and 4 years of experience in school leadership and administration.

Over the last 15 years, she’s had plenty of phone conversations with the parents of students (some for positive reasons, and many for concerns or disciplinary reasons).

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