Peaceful Classroom Conflict Resolution

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Empower students to advocate for themselves, repair harm, and resolve conflicts!

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Are you an early elementary teacher who often finds yourself either A) frustrated by interruptions to help students resolve conflict, B) continually confronted with disagreements between students, or C) watching students “problem solve” by simply repeating “I’m sorry” and “it’s OK” to one another?  Or maybe, D) all of the above?

If so, you are not alone. After back to back years of interrupted schooling, more time spent at home, and less time learning how to cooperate with peers, our elementary students need additional support to peacefully resolve conflict now more than ever.

The answer is an intentional, emotion-affirming conflict resolution process that can teach students how to identify big versus small problems, give and accept a meaningful apology, and initiate repair conversations. With these tools, your students will be able to independently problem solve with confidence, allowing you to get back to finishing that *fantastic* lesson you were teaching.

Professional Practice Goal

Early elementary classroom teachers will spend less time mediating conflict between students and increase student independence by implementing a Classroom Conflict Resolution Process that consists of simple structures and procedures to support student-to-student conflict resolution and related social-emotional skills.

Coach Expertise

Caitie is a 2nd grade teacher turned instructional coach passionate about helping teachers build a culture of connection in their classrooms. A strong believer in the power of community and SEL, Caitie knows how important it is to teach important skills like conflict resolution to our young students so they grow up with the tools to make the world a kinder, more compassionate place.


  • Problem Solving Space Checklist
  • Problem Sizes Descriptions
  • How to Solve Small Problems Printable
  • Apologizing for an Accident Sentence Frame Printable
  • Our Problem Solving Steps
  • The Teacher Process for Supporting Students
  • Using "I Statements" Printable
  • Problem Protocols Work Page
  • Giving an Apology Sentence Frame Printable
  • Accepting An Apology Sentence Frame Printable
  • Intro to Conflict Resolution Lesson Plan
  • Teaching Conflict Resolution Procedures Lesson Plan
  • Read Aloud Lesson Plan Template
  • Role Play Lesson Plan Template
  • Role Play Scenario Examples

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