Project You: Design Thinking for a Better Life

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You can’t anticipate all that life will bring you, but you can take action to design a life you love to wake up to.

Don’t just live your life, LEAD it!

Are you ready for a reset?

Like most teachers and administrators that I talk to, chances are you love your students, you love to learn, and you value the impact you make each day. 


The past few months have made you acutely aware that you are ready for a change and you want to let go of all the expectations of what you should do.  You may be tired of feeling guilty for not getting it all done.

I get it…being an educator can be stressful.  It can drain your energy. It can be difficult to juggle it all.

Or maybe your feeling pretty good so far, but you feel like you are ready to make some tweaks to your life to make it even better.

What if I told you that by changing your mindset and using a step-by-step approach to investigate your life, you can alleviate that feeling of constant stress and expectation and design a life that you love to wake up to.

In this workshop, you will learn a step by step process to solving a personal or professional challenge.  Don’t worry if you don’t have challenge in mind right now.  That’s all part of the process.  

So you will not only leave with a solution to a challenge you are facing,  you will also gain a mindset that will keep some of your stress at bay and help you to design and live a life that you love to wake up to.

Learn to use design thinking to:

  • solve a personal or professional challenge

  • create habits and routines to reduces stress and increase creativity, curiosity and joy.

What’s included?

Project You Design Resource Notebook

Community & Coach Feedback as you design your solution.

Resources to help you with daily challenges.


Meet Your Coach

For over two decades Dr. Michele Schmidt Moore, host of the Design Lessons podcast, has worked as a district and school level administrator, instructional designer, coach and teacher. Through her coaching and workshops, Michele uses design thinking and project based learning principles to support educators with actionable steps to become leaders of their lives.  Through the Design Thinking for a Better Life workshop and the Life Design Collective live cohort based course, educators investigate their lives and design lives that they love to wake up to each day.

Project You Design Resource Notebook

Course Community

Ongoing Feedback

Resources for Daily Life Challenges

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