Sensory Processing Disorder 101: {Free!} Mini-Training for Teachers

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Workshop Description:

SPD 101: mini training for teachers is an 18-minute workshop that will help teachers understand what sensory processing actually entails and how it can present through behaviors when that process gets disrupted in children with SPD.

Learn from an Occupational Therapist:

  • What is sensory processing?
  • Regulated vs. Dysregulated
  • Sensory Profile Traits
  • Ways to Accommodate

Professional Practice Goal:

Teachers will be able to identify the 3 main sensory profiles and walk away with a few ideas of how to accommodate sensory behaviors in the classroom.

About The Coach:

Laura Petix is a pediatric Occupational Therapist turned parenting coach and mom to a neurodivergent 5-year-old girl.

She is the founder of The OT Butterfly and passionately advocates for neurodivergent children by educating parents, teachers and therapists about how sensory processing impacts learning and behavior through online courses, her podcast and social media. She is an enneagram 6 and the kind of person who writes things down on a list just to be able to check them off!

Connect with Laura on Instagram @theotbutterfly

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Posted 6 months ago
An excellent resource

Laura is great and so is this training. She makes it simple and easy to understand, and offers some easy solutions to try.

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Monica Duran
Posted 6 months ago
Great info

It gave a snippet of SPD and quick helpful tips for teachers in the classroom.

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