Simple Bookmaking for the Classroom: The Amazing Single-Sheet Book

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Bookmaking provides a fun and creative way for you to facilitate student expression in your classroom – when kids make books, they want to fill them!

Class Description

In this class, I’ll teach you how to teach your students (best for ages 7+) to create low-mess, easy yet exciting blank books from a single sheet of paper – giving each student a multi-page canvas brimming with with possibilities for any content area. *You don’t need any art experience to succeed in this class!*

Professional Practice Goal

Elementary and middle school teachers will immediately be able to implement simple bookmaking projects into their classrooms, using this new tool to facilitate student expression and inspire creativity within the framework of their own curriculum.

Coach Expertise

As a lifelong book artist and illustrator, and NYC’s Center for Book Arts Featured Artist in 1995, certified art teacher Stephanie Krause brings her personal passion for book arts to her classes – she’s very well-acquainted with the excitement bookmaking can bring to the classroom! Stephanie honed her bookmaking instructional methods in more than two decades of teaching in NYC museums, schools, cultural centers & private settings. She prides herself on sharing techniques in a concise yet engaging way that makes it easy for people to remember how to make the books again by themselves, and provides clear instructions to teachers on how to teach their students how to make books.

Supplies Needed

To create the books, you’ll need:

The quick version:

-Paper: at minimum, at least 10 sheets of printer/drawing/construction paper
-A pencil
-A bone folder OR popsicle stick OR ruler
-A glue stick
-Rubber bands: 3 to 4 thin medium-length (#19 are perfect if you’re buying a bag)

The more detailed version:

-Paper: at least 10 sheets of letter-sized paper – for optimal visual interest, I suggest multiple colors of 9″x12″/A4 construction paper – all sheets should be the same size
-A pencil
-Something to use as a folding tool: a bone folder/craft folder works if you already have one, but if not, you can use a popsicle stick, the side of a ruler, the side of a glue stick or a crayola fat marker, or a non-serrated butter knife
-A glue stick (not liquid glue)
-Rubber bands: 3 or 4, smaller and thinner rather than longer and fatter – #19 is what I use, but use whatever’s in your house, just not fat wide ones.
-Optional, but recommended, scrap paper to protect your books and table when gluing (you can use plain newsprint; junk mail; the back of discarded printouts from the officeglossy newspaper circulars – NOT newspaper)
-Optional for decorating purposes after class, any or all of the following: stuff to draw with; decorative paper scraps; stickers; washi scrapbooking tape; anything else you can think of!

What’s Included

-10 videos (92 minutes)

-A printable, foldable mini-book instructional handout

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