The ADHD Friendly Classroom

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ADHD Friendly Classroom Workbook

Class Description

This classes is designed for teachers who have ADHD students who struggle with the typical symptoms of ADHD like, the staying focused, productivity, and managing behavior. In this workshop teachers will learn strategies and processes that help ADHD students thrive, while creating an ideal classroom environment that benefits the students and teacher.

Professional Practice Goal

Teachers will learn strategies and process that will help their ADHD student become more productive, maintain acceptable behavior and retain a greater amount of instruction.


Coach Expertise

Dameekia started honing her skills many years ago, as a teacher, parent of ADHD kids and a person with ADHD, she had to find  strategies that worked for her ADHD students. Dameekia has spend years creating, testing and perfecting ADHD strategies that work best for ADHD students.She has spent the last 15 years ,teaching these strategies to students and families with ADHD children and watching them thrive.


Course Content